Class 2011, Vote for Micah Feiring!

Micha Feiring ’11 sends us this campaign pitch.


Hey Class 2011,

It’s that time of the year again! WSA elections are open and I get the pleasure of harassing everyone for votes.

I have represented our class for the past four semesters (my entire time at Wesleyan). During my tenure I have worked to improve all areas of Student Life. After the Fountain avenue incident, it was my job to sit down with the Administration and demand a policy change. This year I have concentrated on drug policy and environmental issues.

Things I have done:

  • Advocated for changes to the Code of Non-Academic Conduct
  • Got Fire Safety to pay for on-campus Grills
  • Simplified the party registration procedures
  • Reduced Res-Life and Fire Safety fines
  • Completed the proposal for a student-run EMS service
  • 24/hr guest card access
  • Worked to promote safe underage drinking

What I will do next year:

  • Create a free WSA free student operated late-night café
  • Reduce Wesleyan’s environmental footprint
  • Implement the student-run EMS program
  • Advocate for lower fines
  • Continue to fight for safe underage drinking

I know the issues. I know which Administrators are awesome and which ones are douchebags. And, most importantly, I know how to get shit done!

Click here to VOTE MICHA FEIRING for 2011 Class Representative!

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