WSA Elections Open Until Friday

One more day to vote for your class representatives – here’s the rundown (with links to whoever submitted blurbs to Wesleying):

For 2012 Reps:

For 2011 Reps:

For 2010 Reps:

  • Jeffrey Stein

  • Micah Siegel-Wallace

  • Jordan Brown

  • Jeffrey Bizinkauskas

  • Gianna Palmer

For Senior Class Officer :

  • Jonna Humphries (President

  • Maya Barros Odim (President)

  • Pedro Ventura (Vice-President)

  • David Layne (Vice-President)

  • Nora Gilbert (Secretary)

  • Jared A Blake (Treasurer)

Voting is open until midnight on Friday – read the candidates’ statements in the Argus, and vote at the WSA website.

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