Memorial for Johanna

ADDITION Wesleyan ShootingThere will be a memorial vigil for Johanna Justin-Jinich tomorrow afternoon:

Tomorrow at 1 p.m., two days after the shooting that took the life of Johanna Justin-Jinich, Wesleyan will hold a brief memorial vigil in the Huss Courtyard behind the Usdan Center. There will be time for Johanna’s friends and family to plan other ceremonies at Wesleyan, and perhaps elsewhere. But tomorrow we will gather just to be with one another and remember. We will pay our respects to Johanna’s all-too-brief life.

We will gather now because we need to, because it is right to do so, and because we feel it is safe enough to do so. There is now a much more robust police presence on the Wesleyan campus, and we will retain that presence as long as necessary.

Let us come together tomorrow at 1 PM in compassionate solidarity with one another, and in remembrance of Johanna.

Memorial Vigil
Date: Friday, May 8
Time: 1 pm
Place: Usdan courtyard

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