Wesleyan Shooting/Lockdown: More News

Campus is still locked down.  Recent news – apparently students in the Bayit have been relocated because of concerns about Morgan targeting the Jewish community.

Johanna Justin Jinich also took classes with her killer two summers ago at NYU, where she filed a harassment complaint against Morgan after repeated unwanted texts and phone calls. From the NY Times:

Investigators said a personal journal belonging to the man, whom the police identified as Stephen Morgan, 29, indicated that he could still be targeting the university, about 25 miles northeast of New Haven.

On the university’s Web site, officials said that Mr. Morgan’s journals had “expressed threats toward Wesleyan and/or its Jewish students.” A nearby synagogue, Congregation Adath Israel, closed on the counsel of local police, and a member of the Wesleyan community said that the university had relocated students who live at a Jewish center on campus.

On Wednesday, a 21-year-old junior identified as Johanna Justin-Jinich, from Timnath, Colo., a suburb of Fort Collins, was working in the cafe of a bookstore near the university campus when the police say Mr. Morgan shot her several times and fled into downtown Middletown. A friend who planned to room with Ms. Justin-Jinich this summer said that she was Jewish.

Officials at New York University on Thursday said that Ms. Justin-Jinich had filed a harassment complaint about Mr. Morgan at the end of the 2007 summer session, when the two were in enrolled in the same six-week course.

The complaint indicated that Ms. Justin-Jinich had “been receiving harassing e-mails and phone calls from Mr. Morgan,” according to a statement issued by a spokesman for N.Y.U., John Beckman. The university brought the matter to the attention of the New York Police Department, which conducted conversations with Ms. Justin-Jinich.

[…] The police report noted that Ms. Justin-Jinich never referred to him as a “boyfriend,” and friends of Ms. Justin-Jinich said that Mr. Morgan’s name did not come up in conversation.

Reporters from the Associated Press were obviously here earlier today. From the Huffington Post:

Most buildings on campus, including cafeterias and the library, were locked. Normally bustling sidewalks were empty and police cruisers patrolled the campus. In dorms, students dressed in flip-flops, gym shorts and pajama pants shuffled downstairs to pick up box lunches of roasted vegetable, tuna fish or cheese sandwiches.

“We’re supposed to do some work, but really I just keep checking my e-mail and checking on friends and letting people from home know that I’m OK,” said freshman Christina Yow, of China. “Anything to distract.”

And an NBC 30 news report about the investigation:

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