Just opened: Tschudin Chocolates

Today I randomly stumbled into Main Street’s “Sweet Smelling Savour Chocolates” for the first time in a while – and was delighted to meet Rob Tschudin, extremely recent new owner of the store (he only bought the place this past week).  The store has always had some pretty interesting chocolates – Thai Curry, for example? White Zinfandel? – but Rob is in the process of re-vamping the chocolate line-up, promising to make them even crazier and more interesting and more delicious.  Somehow I wound up staying with him for about an hour, talking about his life and his plans for the store.

Tschudin has studied molecular gastronomy, has a law practice, used to work as a pastry chef and at BrewBakers and elsewhere, and even used to be a tightrope walker.   Though the sign still says “Sweet Smelling Savour Chocolates,” he’s working to redesign the space to better suit Tschudin Chocolates, complete with possible plans for an artistic statue to use as a “sandwich board” – minus the sandwich, plus lots of chocolate.

I’m not sure what Tschudin Chocolates will exactly turn out to be, but I’m confident it will be awesome.  The chocolates I tried were excellent, and he’s getting some exciting chocolates ready in time for graduation weekend.  Definitely worth checking the place out!  I can’t wait to see what chocolates he comes up with next.

Check it out – corner of Main St. and Court.

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