Election Day Registration Vote Soon – Call CT Legislators!

Within the next few days, the Connecticut General Assembly will be considering legislation that will allow Election Day Voter Registration in the state. People of lower socioeconomic status, people who move frequently, and perhaps most importantly, students, are systematically disenfranchised by confusing deadlines, cumbersome paperwork, and all around bureaucratic drudgery. This bill will cut through the mess and allow any eligible voter to register and vote on Election Day.

There are a few key Senators and Reps who are on the fence. Phone calls from concerned students can quite possibly push them over the edge and get this bill passed. YOU can make a difference here.

All it takes is 10 minutes, and you don’t even need to be on campus to participate. Email me (scarlin@wes) with your cell phone number by noon tomorrow if you can help at any point tomorrow afternoon. We’re counting on you.


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