Some internets for your consumption

  • Everyday user-generated mundanity at My Life is Average, for anyone whose life is not totally fucked or rlly good.
  • Last mention of MGMT on Wesleying EVER. Weezer is still around doing things; here is Rivers Cuomo covering “Kids”, then Lady Gaga’s “Poker Face” at a live show:
  • Kanye Vision: behold the Internet as voice-of-our-generation Kanye West does. Yes, that’s all.
  • Yooouuutuuube will blow your mind a little bit – it streams every frame of a Youtube video simultaneously. Prepare to waste a lot of time on this, procrastinators. An example: check out this Alice in Wonderland remix.alice-yoooouuuuutuuuube

[via Buggin’ Out]

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