Pre-Orientation Jewish Camping Trip

Rachel Levenson ’12 writes in to us with this ready-to-post-with-no-formatting required submission containing information about this year’s Jewish Camping Trip (go her!):

Interested in going on the pre-orientation Jewish community camping trip?
Great! All you need to do is let me know!

What: Camping trip open to all Wesleyan students
When: Leaving the morning of Sunday, August 30th returning Tuesday, September 1st
The trip is FREE for all current students

If you are at all interested email rlevenson@wes with the best email address and phone number to reach you at this summer. Also please let us know if you 1) will be able to drive people 2) you have ideas for any fun activities or 3) will need a place to stay during orientation

This trip is not sponsored by Wes and is totally student- run.

And, since it’s the summer and s’mores are kosher, might as well include a video, right? Right. Wrong.

Enjoy in all its deliciousness!

[Edit – having some issues with the video. But if you still want to see it, click!]
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