Fall 2009 Points Spreadsheet!

Yeah crowdsourcing!

Thom Sisson ’09 has updated Matt Bush ’09‘s points spreadsheet for this semester’s calendar, so that it schedules you to run out of points at the end of exam period, not the beginning.  Thanks Thom!

To use it, just enter the current date along with how many points and/or meals you have left in the semester.  The spreadsheet will automatically show you how many points you should spend per day and how many meals you should use per week.

Enjoy, and eat well this semester:

Fall 2009 Points Spreadsheet

[EDIT] Nick Marshall ’10 updated the spreadsheet with a chart predicting how many points or meals you should have as the semester progresses, depending on your meal plan. Choose this one if seeing more numbers will help you plan more wisely:

Fall 2009 Points Spreadsheet (updated)

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