Waste Not a smashing success!

Literally. I’m sorry to those of you who got squished in the mad rush to get in!
But really, the sale was so successful that Waste Not! will be open today until 4 (instead of 5) and closed tomorrow. In addition, there will be a BYOB (bring your own bag) deal in which you can fill a bag with as many clothes as you can fit for $5. Here are some of the items still available:

  • sheets
  • clothing (tons!)
  • shoes
  • bed risers
  • records
  • knick-knacks
  • a dresser
  • cork/white-boards
  • printers (tons!)
  • TVs
  • course packs/books
  • kitchen stuff
  • mattress pads
  • pillows
  • rugs (tons!)

Date: 9/6
Time: 2-4 pm
Place: Mocon (old dining hall located between the Nics and Hewitt)

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