Duchampion, Trufflehunter @ Earthhouse. Crunchy Grooves, bro.


What it is: The first concert of the semester. (?rly?) It’s like an all-star band from Wes plus a supercrunchy-named band from Oregon. You should probably be there.
Where it be: Earth House
When it do: Thursday at 10pm
More about those noises: Duchampion is a Wesleyan band formed two weeks ago. Duchampion is Will Brant (Decora and the Shade), Asa Horvitz (No Face Theater, solo work), Jake Nussbaum (the Shade), and Ben Seretan (solo work, Sewing Machines, Decora). Duchampion plays experimental rock music with vocal harmonies and makes you happy. Trufflehunter are from Eugene, OR,  sound like Glam+ French Pop+Americana and are on a cross-country tour. (click through name for myspace, samples.)

p.s. like the poster?
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10 thoughts on “Duchampion, Trufflehunter @ Earthhouse. Crunchy Grooves, bro.

  1. Noa

    Earth House is the pink house on the North-West corner of High Street and Lawn Ave. Lawn is the street that the Butts are on (one block south of Church).

    If you don’t know your directions, Main Street/river=East, Vine/Indian Hill=West, CFA=North, Butts=South

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