Fruit and Veggie Co-Op Sign Up!

The sign up process for the Fruit And Veggie Co-Op has started. Sign up for your share by points, cash or check. Kristin Hough ’11 writes in about the Fruit and Veggie Co-Op:

Want something healthier than Usdan fare?  Need an imperative to cook? Sign up for the fruit and veggie co-op!

Get all organic produce using your points (or cash/check)!

Register for the Fruit and Veggie Co-op and receive a different selection of organic fruits and veggies every week. Each share is 15 points a week. You can also buy a share with 2 people (7.5 points a week) or 3 people (5 points a week). Each group only fills out one form but every member will have to sign their name in order for points to be deducted (sign at the Usdan Information Desk from Saturday to Monday).

Sign up at these links, then sign in at Usdan:

One Person Shares

Two Person Groups

Three Person Groups

Not a student or just want to pay with cash/ check? The co-op is also open to faculty and community members! Sign up here if you’re not using points:

Email fruitandveggiecoop(at)gmail with any questions.

Date: Monday Sept. 13 – Friday Sept. 18
Time: 12:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Place: Online registration, and signature at the information desk at Usdan

[EDIT:] First sign up ONLINE until Friday September 18th at 5:00 and then go to the Usdan Information Desk between  Saturday September 19th and Monday September 21st to provide your signature.

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