Wesleyan and Yale, connected by recent tragedy

It seems only natural, now that the missing Yale student case is a confirmed homicide, that reporters would come to Wesleyan looking for a story about how sad this makes us in light of what happened last semester. And they did, earlier today.

Here’s the result, from Eyewitness News Channel 3:

Students at Wesleyan University are now linked to Yale University students, connected by the slayings of well-liked students. […] Students at Wesleyan University in Middletown said that what is happening on Yale’s campus is bringing back painful memories of a student’s killing back in May.

Anjana Ramal said, “It makes me a little more nervous.”

[…] As investigators sift through the mounting evidence in [Annie Le]’s killing, students at Wesleyan are forced to deal with painful memories of Jinich’s death and once again question the safety on Connecticut’s university campus’.Taylor Harvison, a student at Wesleyan said, “You can’t escape any negativity or violence no matter where you go.”

Yes. Yes, that’s true. A video report of WSFB‘s trip to Wes here.

Area Coordinator Brian Nangle sent out an email about the reporters’ presence soon after they arrived:

You should feel free to decline speaking to the media if you so choose. Also, you should not grant them access to any residential building.

Probably irrelevant now – I don’t think there are too many other Wes-related angles that local reporters can take on this story.

The American Chronicle picked up an actual Wesleyan connection to the sad case – Sociology Professor Charles Lemert lives across the street from Annie Le’s apartment in New Haven:

Wesleyan University professor Charles Lemert, who also lives across the street, said Le always took time to talk to his 11-year-old daughter.

“I wish more than anything this could be solved and turn into some kind of misunderstanding, but it seems bleak,” he said.

WFSB: Yale Death Stirs Memories at Wesleyan
American Chronicle: Campus Life Goes on Amid Questions

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