Orientation being cut to 5 days


New Student Orientation is being cut down to 5 days from its original 7 days, as part of the university’s ongoing cost-saving measures. This will start with the class of 2014’s orientation next fall. According to Tim Shiner (the University’s Director of Student Activities and Leadership Development), the administration is seeking to work with students to figure out which parts of orientation are most effective and which events should be moved into an “Extended Orienation” schedule (programs for freshmen to occur in the first few weeks of September).

One way to send your feedback is through the WSA survey that is open until midnight on Friday. If there are particular programs that you thought were effective during your orientation, if you think Bilegatas need to happen within the first 5 days that 2014ers are on campus, or if Unspeakable Acts changed your life, let the WSA know! If you have already filled out the WSA survey but still want your voice to be heard, send Tim Shiner (tshiner(at)wesleyan(dot)edu) your support and/or critique of orientation programs.

[thanks to Jegadish Gunasagaran ’11 for the tip]

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