WSA Election Candidates, Fall 2009

Vote at the WSA website, polls are open until Friday night.

There are a ton of people running, after the jump are the ones who sent us things. Vote wisely, and remember – if you’re going to vote for Giant Joint, please dear God, spell it right.

Freshman candidates

marina-reza_wsa-candidateMarina Reza ’13:

This summer, I e-mailed out a packing list to unknown freshmen, including easily-forgotten minutiae. Basically, I love you guys. A lot. In high school I was on Student Government, the school newspaper, literary magazine, and yearbook. I can balance work and play; I won’t burn out.

Some goals:

  • Implement communal hampers/rolling carts in laundry rooms to put others’ clothing in (no more shoving on top of the machines)/vouch for more laundry machines!
  • Create policies of taking flyers down when the event’s passed
  • Create option of using art facilities (e.g. the dark room) for those not enrolled in art classes; enlist a smaller fee for those on financial aid
  • Regulate shower water temperatures/general cleanliness of bathrooms

Bennett Kirschner ’13:

Vote Bennett Kirschner.


zachwesphotoZachary Malter ’13:

We need a rep who’ll speak out against the status quo and seek a change. A rep who’s not afraid to say “We Can Do Better”.

We Can Do Better” by making course selection more manageable—by providing transportation to New Haven, New York and Boston—by establishing a carpool program and compost system—by making some of our dorm lounges, such as mine in Butts C, more conducive to community—and by having a system where former students rate classes, a website individual to Wes.

I love Wesleyan. That love fuels my desire to see an even greater Wesleyan. And that love urges me to say, “We Can Do Better.

craig003Craig Corkle ’13:

Hey Ya’ll,

My name is Craig Corkle and I am running for freshman rep. I was sick (no not SWINE FLU!) so I missed the deadline to be an official candidate, but write me in and make your wildest dreams reality! I’ve been around the student government block (Vice-President anyone?) and I know I can do a great job. Seriously guys, this isn’t a popularity contest. Let’s talk about the issues. Your issues are my issues. Whether coed bathrooms (courtesy flush ladies?) or no chocolate milk at usdan, I want to represent freshman on the issues they care about. Remember write me in. Soar with the elite, commit to my mission. Vote Craig. Kill Flanders, Kill Flanders, Kill Flanders (120).

WSA At-Large Representative Candidates:

wsa-josh-levineJosh Levine ’12:

Yo Wes!

It’s time for us to step our game up.

Across the country, colleges and universities are creating offices of sustainability, implementing bike sharing or rental programs, purchasing renewable energy and coming up with other creative ways to improve student life and education while pushing back against climate change and environmental injustice.

As your WSA representative, I will work with the administration and student body to accelerate our efforts to improve student life at the same time that we improve the greater community.

your-vote-countsToni Zosherafatain ’10:

Hey wes! My name is Toni Zosherafatain and I’m running as an At-Large Rep for the WSA! I’m dedicated to hearing your voice, no matter what class year you are! I have a good sense of what the student body as a whole needs. My experience as a house manager and a member of UCAB has taught me the ins and outs of the administrative structure at wes which is vital for a job well done on the WSA. I’m committed to improving transportation accessibility, environmental sustainability, a fair budget and housing policies, and better communication between the WSA and the student body. I’m a candidate you can trust, and I promise your vote won’t be wasted!

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