Balfa Toujours at Crowell; Cajun Dance at Beckham

balfa-toujoursBalfa Toujours, a Cajun quartet, plays as part of the Crowell Concert series Friday night:

Balfa Toujours is a four-piece band that has been making a name for itself not only in the Cajun music scene of southwestern Louisiana, but also in the larger realm of all traditional music. The Balfa name conjures up memories of the famous Balfa Brothers, who took their soulful, impassioned music from the prairies of Mamou to the far corners of the earth. Now, Balfa Toujours plays it straight from the heart, as it has been played in their family for hundreds of years.

Led by Christine Balfa, the daughter of fiddler Dewey Balfa, the group has taken the inspiration given them and made it their own, creating a sound that is distinctive yet filled with the essence of the tradition. The hot, syncopated melodies of the accordion intertwine with the passionate cries of the fiddle. The sweet sounds of the ancient Cajun language lets the listener drift away, while the driving beat of the triangle brings them back. A life-loving quality, emotional yet transcendent, is the essence of Cajun music and the pulse of the Balfa rhythm is at the heart of it.

Date: Friday, Sept. 18
Time: 8:00 PM – 10:00 pM
Place: Crowell Concert Hall
Cost: $6 for students

Following the concert is a FREE cajun dance in Beckham hall from 10:30-12.

Date: Friday, Sept. 18
Time: 10:30 pm – midnight
Place: Beckham Hall
Cost: $6 for students

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