Plastic Billionaires cover Brian Eno

The Plastic Billionaires (Raph Worrick ’88 and Matt Rogalsky MA ’95) have a bizarre new video for their cover of Brian Eno’s “Fat Lady of Limbourg”:

The Billionaires’ album, “Bankrupting Tiger Mountain (By Credit Default Swap)”, is available for free download at the band’s official site. A recession-ready blurb:

“Mr. Rogalsky and Chairman R. Worrick are confident that while workers laid off from other P-Bills projects will face some challenges during 2009, the cheery sounds of the “Tiger Mountain” album will surely bring a measure of happiness to their lives”, Mature stated at the surprise press conference. “In particular, upbeat songs like “The True Wheel” and “Fat Lady of Limbourg” will lend a jolly air to any soup kitchen or unemployment line.

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