This mug for my Wesleyan tuition

This gem was posted in the “Barter” section of NY Craigslist last weekend:

$200,000 Wesleyan University Coffee Mug, Looking to Trade Up – $1

wesleyan-mugAvailable for trade: My Wesleyan University Coffee Mug. This ceramic beauty in pristine condition is perfect for holding 10 oz. of your favorite beverage or organizing your pen and pencil collection on your desk top.

Hate to part with it but after four years at “America’s Most Annoying Liberal Arts College” my student loans are coming due. The goal here is to trade up for something of at least somewhat better value and continue to parlay my items for something I can eventually liquidate to pay off my loans.

Here’s your chance to own your own “$200,000 Coffee Mug” and help me out on the road to solvency.

All reasonable offers will be entertained…

[via Blargus]

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