EON kick-off meeting


EON (the Environmental Organizers Network) has its first meeting Monday night (that would be tomorrow) at 9 pm in the Woodhead Lounge (see map on the blog). The group has had a major makeover, so whether you’re a former member or fresh meat (or perhaps a vegetable, since they’re less carbon-heavy), this is the meeting for you.

The makeover entails a renewed focus on the “N” in the group’s acronym. This means a focus on providing a real network structure for environmentally-minded groups and people on campus to do what they wanna do. So, if you have an idea you want to get off the ground or if you’re looking to plug in to an established campaign, come to the meeting to meet other folks who are looking to do the same.

The other part of the makeover involves the listserv, which is now a snazzy weekly newsletter called The Green Scene. Get info including lectures, events, meeting times, ways to get involved, environmental news, and interesting tidbits. The letter comes out every Monday night, so send your contributions to weseon (at) gmail.com by Monday afternoon.

Questions? Want to join the Green Scene? Email weseon (at) gmail.com.
As for the meeting tomorrow, come one, come all, just be sure to come hungry (really. Dessert/fruit/coffee provided!)

Date: 9/21
Time: 9 pm
Place: Woodhead Lounge (in Exley, right by the passageway to Hall-Atwater)

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