Boy Crisis video: “Dressed to Digress” at Wes

SORT-OF-EXCLUSIVE. Boy Crisis‘s official music video for “Dressed to Digress” was finished over the summer, but might not be officially released for awhile due to label issues. Now it’s on Youtube. LEAK.

Everything in the video is Wesleyan, and it is hilarious. Directed by Ray Tintori ’06, filmed on campus and in Middletown, groupie love from Eclectic women, Leif as the Pope, Das Racist eating string beans, Genevieve Angelson in clips from the other D2D video, fucking with cultural notions of masculinity, a group jump shot at Indian Hill, ghostriding under the bridge to Portland, a giant pack of cigarettes rollerblading down from Russell House.

Watch it before it gets taken down or something:

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