Zumba Classes by WesWell

zumbaZumba classes are back:

What Is Zumba?
Zumba is a popular fitness program that combines dance styles such as cumbia, merengue, salsa, reggaeton, calypso, and hip-hop. Participants in this 60-minute program will pump their legs, windmill their arms, gyrate their hips, clap their hands, dip, slide and spin — all to a frenzied beat that leaves them with flushed cheeks and dripping in sweat.

Is Zumba for Me?
If you enjoy high energy, fun music, and want to get moving, Zumba may be just what you need. Anyone can Zumba. Guaranteed you’ll be shakin’ it and movin’ it.

Class Info:
Fridays 5-6 at 156 High Street (above Weswings)
Class enrollment ends on SATURDAY, 9/26, so come this Friday!
To reserve a spot or get more info, go to WesWell’s website.

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