Alum seeks Wes women to interview about sex

Wesleyan females, Aaron Lammer ’03 wants to ask you about sex. It doesn’t seem as sketchy as it sounds.

He’s working on a screenplay set during a girl’s freshman year of college in a school non-coincidentally similar to Wesleyan, a project that he is developing with a commercial/music video director and some other Wes alumni.

As part of the process of revising the script, and because no one likes a man writing badly in the voice of a woman, he’s interviewing women about sex and the early years of college.

If you’re interested, read on for more details after the jump.

From Aaron:

” Can I interview you (via email) about sex and college?

I’m working on a screenplay and I’m looking to interview women about their sexual experiences in college, particularly during freshmen year.

Rest assured, I’m not interested in any graphic detail, but rather in how people perceive sex at a distinct stage of their lives; how it alters the way people view themselves and others, friendship, gossip, etc.

Whether you consider your experiences mundane or extraordinary, I’d like to interview you about them. I’m not looking to mine anyone’s personal history or expose their secrets – I’m hoping to interview many people to put together an overall picture. You need not be a freshman now – as long as you lived through freshmen year, I’d like to hear about it.

Obviously, the more candid you can be, the better, but it’s totally fine if you only feel comfortable answering some questions. I can’t offer any compensation (though I hope the process of interviewing will be fun or perhaps cathartic) but I can offer complete confidentiality and anonymity. I realize that this request carries the implicit whiff of sketchiness, but I’m happy to respond to any questions or concerns, and of course you need not supply your real name.

If this interests you at all, send a quick email to ALinterview@gmail and I will response with a a short set of questions, which can be responded to by email. Alternately, you can fill out the questions directly in an open-ended survery at

If you choose to make yourself available, I may send some follow-up questions as well, but only you if opt for this.

Bonus points for diary entries, whirlwind sexual transformations, long-forgotten secrets, and tolerance for embarrassing revelations.”

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