Show off your l33t skills: LAN party tonight!

wesLAN Banner 02

WesLAN, Wesleyan’s Premier [okay, fine, the only one] LAN Gaming club, is having its 3rd Annual Kickoff event tomorrow, Friday 9/25. Here’s the skinny:

What: LAN Computer Gaming

Where: Exley Room 137

When: 8 PM

What You’ll Need: A computer, a mouse, an ethernet cable. Oh, probably also eyes and some sort of appendages. We will supply the router and games.
Optional, but preferred items: headphones/headset, power strip, any and all games you’d like to play.

The titles we play most often include Quake 3, Counter Strike, Starcraft, and Hidden: Source [requires Steam and ownership of a Source Engine game]. But, if you want to play a different game, bring it, and it shall be so.

Have questions? Need help moving your desktop? Contact Seth Rosen ’10 at sirosen@wes, Aaron Izakowitz ’10 at aizakowitz@wes, or Sam DeFabbia-Kane ’11 at sdefabbiakan@wes.

[Thanks Seth Rosen ’10 for the tip!]

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