Cymbals Eat Guitars/BLK JKS/The Last Minutes at Eclectic

concertFor those of you wondering what happened to Eclectic having concerts, there’s one this Friday!

From the Facebook event:

Cymbals Eat Guitars
These guitars fight back hard, despite the implications of the name. They’ve been compared to Modest Mouse and Built to Spill, “if Built To Spill actually had some youth on their side and could still throw down in a street fight or get upset over a girl.” — RCRD LBL

Sometimes flat out fun, sometimes a little eerie, this band plays rock full of distorted guitar, crazy drum beats, and South African rhythms layered under beautiful yet intensely powerful vocals.

The Last Minutes
Powered funk rock with girl-boy vocals, Wesleyan’s own Bella Loggins, Ryan Rodger, Katherine McDonald and Ben Block will take you for a ride you’ll never want to have end.

Date: Friday October 2
Time: 10pm-2am
Place: Eclectic
Cost: FREE

Sounds like an amazing time. Don’t believe me? Check it:

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