Mayoral Debate Tuesday at the Memorial Chapel!

When: Tuesday October 6, 8 pm

Where: Memorial Chapel

Take a stake in your local community! Come hear what incumbent Republican Mayor Sebastian Giuliano and Democratic challenger Dan Drew have to say about the hottest Middletown issues.

Questions have been pre-submitted by members of the Wesleyan community. There will also be an opportunity to ask questions directly to the candidates.

Check out this clip of a spontaneous debate between two candidates, posted by Ed Mckeon on The Middletown Eye.

Also take a look at Ashik’s previous post on the debate, which tells you where you can get a little more information on the elections and the candidates.

The debate is sponsored by the WSA, Wesleying, the Center for Community Partnerships, Psi U, the ArgusThe Middletown Eye, and The Safe and Friendly Neighborhood.

UPDATE: The debate will also be webcast live (and will also be available to watch after it’s over). You can watch it here.

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