View with a Room

While Middletown may not be Florence, and the view from your room might be some guy upchucking on a particularly festive Saturday night, I bet you have some pretty cool stuff in your room. And by now, you’ve had time to properly arrange it all (or, in my case, get a nice big pile of clothes/books/papers/everything started in the corner).

Way back when we did things like this (and this), and well, I’m thinking we should do it again. So send pictures of your room, apartment, house, closet…whatever you’ve got to staff(at) Include captions, or leave me to make some up. If you can’t take some pictures yourself, we’ll send out a trained staff photographer to capture your creativity.* Got a crafty side? We want to see that. Have you exactly reproduced one of those showrooms in Ikea? We want that, too (kindof). To whet your appetite, here’s my room from freshman year:


Although at first I thought that brown stuff on the wall was corkboard (cool), it was actually….wallpaper. But hey, could be worse!

Also, since I’ve been digging through the archives, check out this post on block posters and the rasterbater (for those of you who have wall space to fill…)
And just for kicks, see this designsponge post about making a bedside table out of books (because really, what else are you going to do with your copy of The Fossil Trail?)

*me and my digital camera

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