Dan Hurlin’s Disfarmer

Perhaps you’ve seen the photographs in Zilkha South, or perhaps you had your own portrait taken at the opening…well now you can see a portrait of the portraitist, in puppeteer Dan Hurlin’s Disfarmer, opening Friday night and continuing on Saturday. The work is a cutting-edge puppet theater piece (not your average Punch and Judy) exploring the inner and outer worlds of Disfarmer the man (who was a mysterious and notoriously crotchety person). The piece asks the question, “How could a man who openly disdained his fellow citizens portray them with such compassion?”

Featuring the American style of “tabletop” puppetry, projections of Disfarmer’s photographs and a sound score with haunting music from antique recording technologies, re-contextualized and mixed with modern sampling techniques, the show looks to be a sweet multimedia experience, not to be missed if you’re at all into performance that stretches the limits of convention…and puppets. I’ll just say that there are tons of cool props and the puppets seem more like works of sculpture than what I usually think of when I think puppet (which is Eureka’s Castle).

Date: Friday, 10/16 and Saturday 10/17
Time: 8 pm
Location: CFA Theater
Tickets: $8 for Wes students, $18 for seniors/Wes faculty & staff/non-Wes students, $22 general

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