View with a Room: First Installment

Looks like I was right…you do have cool rooms! Keep sending us pictures (and remember, you can also commission us to take high quality (…) photos of your place if you so desire). Here are some views of a classy, coffee-themed abode belonging to Alex Bernson ’11:

I maximized space in my room by pushing my bed and everything else to the edges. I geek out hard on espresso machines, so that’s kind of my version of muscle car posters. I cut out a lot of the other images from old books, calendars, magazines and maps from goodwill.

This side of my room is all about work, and I’ve covered the walls with inspirations to work harder and be more creative.  The posters on the wall are all artifacts of my work in the coffee industry during my year off, there as a reminder of my goal to open a cafe.

The huge poster hanging here is from a Flamenco show I saw in Madrid based on the poems of Federico Garcia Lorca, and every room I’ve lived in the past 4 years has had the poster hanging. I bought the small chest of drawers to hold all the shit I would normally throw on top of the dresser (keys, wallet etc.) and made a seat for friends by throwing a pillow and sheet over the trunk I’ve used to haul stuff between coasts.

Sweet room–thanks for sharing!

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