Aural Wes seeks content/contributors

Wes music enthusiasts, campus music blog Aural Wes is looking for contributors, and content/artists to post about. If you can experience music and write about it, are planning any shows, or are a band, AW is where it’s at.

aural wesFrom blogmaster Max Lavine ’10 (aka O)))):

We still exist! As a matter fact AW is full of exciting new stuff like music news, reviews, opinion, campus band profiles…the sky (of the internet) is the limit!

If you are at all interested in music writing, email auralwes(at)gmail to discuss becoming a writer! This could mean anything from doing show writeups to scene/subcultural histories to live reviews, it truly is what you make it and if it’ll contribute to a richer, more diverse culture around people getting together to make music on this campus (or not on this campus) then you should be putting it up.

If you’re putting on a show email auralwes(at)gmail and let us know about it! Shows usually go up 1-2 days before hand to avoid their getting buried, but the more notice the better. Let me also emphasize there is no “type” of concert that AW is looking to promote; being a clearinghouse for music events on this campus is a central part of why the blog exists, but it won’t work unless you tell us what’s going on.

If you’re in a new band, have a crazy/interesting musical project, etc. write in to be AW’s nuband of the moment, complete with your very own writeup telling everyone how awesome your band is.

It’s really cool that we have a music blog. Let’s make it a cool music blog.

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