Eclectic Society Presents Watch & Discuss: A Political Documentary Films Series


Alyssa Lanz ’12 has the scoop on a new political documentary film series at Eclectic. All the films are free and at 7 PM. We’ll give y’all a reminder before each one comes up. Details below the cut:

November 2- American Drug War: The Last White Hope (Co-Sponsored with Westco Up 4)

Inspired by director/producer Kevin Booth’s own experience with the lethal consequences of both legal and illegal substances, “American Drug War” exposes the racism, corruption, greed and political agendas behind the US Government’s mishandling of the drug epidemic. Booth uses the personal experiences of drug dealers, doctors and legislators to illustrate the far-reaching, and often disastrous, effect the War on Drugs has had on millions of American lives. From race relations to federal power, this film is an illuminating, and often frightening portrait, of American society in the last thirty years.

Watch the trailer here:

November 9-Rosita (Co-Sponsored with La Casa and Nagarote-Wesleyan Partnership)

This documentary captures what happens when a 9-year-old girl in Nicaragua is raped and seeks a therapeutic abortion. Latin American politics and the Catholic Church attempt to stop the daughter of two poor working classing campesinos. This is more than just a story of an unlikely victor but highlights the international issue of abortion rights. Julissa Pena alongside members of Nagarote-Wesleyan Partnership and Amnesty International will be giving an introduction and leading a post-screening discussion about the issues highlighted in the film.

Watch the trailer here:

November 16th– Thin Blue Line (Co-Sponsored with Wesleyan Center for Prison Education)

Originally set out to do a documentary about James Grigson, a prosecution psychologist known as Dr. Death, director Errol Morris examines a case of Randall Dale Adams, a man in Texas who is wrongfully accused of murder and is sentenced to the death sentence. The documentary is accredited with pioneering the use of crime scene reenactments, which is now common in documentary filmmaking, making it one of the most highly regarded documentaries of all time. Thin Blue Line proved that five witnesses had committed perjury and the film eventually helped release Adams from jail. Molly Birnbaum (Class of 2009) and Russell Perkins will be speaking about their work with Wesleyan Center for Prison Education and general issues with America’s prison system.

Read more about Thin Blue Line at

For more on Wesleyan Center for Prison Education:

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