Halloween Senior Cocktails

The first Senior Cocks is upon us! Saturday the 31st. Here’s to a good time, and no repeats of previous years’ incidents.

Check out this gallery of  the class of ’09 at Halloween last year – hope there’s a photobooth again this time.

senior cocks 09.2

Everyone else, happy Halloween! If Saturday night seems quiet, rest assured that at some point late in the night a cavalcade of  very inebriated seniors will surge back onto campus.

Full Cocktails details after the jump, in case any seniors missed the emails.

Check-in starts at 9:30 pm on Saturday night, with buses leaving from the back entrance of Freeman, in front of the Silloway Gym,  starting at 9:45 until 10:30. If you still haven’t bought a full pass for all six of this year’s Senior Cocktails, you can do so tomorrow night with your Student ID and a government ID.

Bring both your WES ID and your Driver’s license or passport.

Dress your best. The best costume will receive an extra drink ticket.


*Please be aware that if you are found to have been disrespectful to any bus drivers and/or venue staff, or in violation of the Non-Academic Code of Conduct in any form, it is very possible that you will not be allowed to future senior events.*

· BUSES: For safety reasons, you must ride buses provided to the event location for all events. You will be notified of bus departure times and locations for each event as the event approaches. DO NOT OPEN ANY EMERGENCY EXITS. DO NOT CONSUME OR SMOKE ANYTHING ON THE BUSES. VIOLENCE WILL NOT BE TOLERATED, NOR WILL ANY SEXUAL ACTIVITY. IF YOU ARE CAUGHT, YOU WILL BE BANNED FROM SENIOR COCKTAILS.

· FULL PASS: The Full Pass gives you access to all six Senior Cocktail Events and a $10 contribution to the Senior Class Gift. IF YOU STILL HAVE NOT BOUGHT A FULL PASS YET, YOU MAY PURCHASE A FULL PASS AT THE FIRST COCKTAIL. YOU MUST BRING both YOUR WES ID and A VALID STATE OR FEDERAL ID.

· GUESTS: Guest passes have already been sold and we cannot permit any further guests. No one will be admitted without a Senior Pass or a Guest Pass. All guests must be at least 21 years of age.

· VENUES: Due to the limited number of venues, which can house events of this size in the area, event locations may be up to one hour away. Please keep this in mind when considering getting ready and what time you want to arrive at the event.

· ATTENDANCE: All Senior events are Wesleyan events and you will be held accountable for your behavior under the Code of Non-Academic Conduct.

· ACADEMICS: Attendance at cocktails does not excuse you from fulfilling academic responsibilities.

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