Bring Your Parents To: Megafaun Friday @ CFA Cinema (4:15 pm) and Eclectic (10 pm)

Asa Horvitz ’10 wants to make sure you know:

Three time campus favorites Megafaun return!! The North Carolina folk/experimental/generally badass trio brings their unusual and compelling blend of genres to the CFA Cinema at 4:15 for an educational Masterclass. Musicians and non-musicians welcome. Guaranteed to blow your (and your mom’s) mind. Seriously. Supported by the Music Department, Adelphic Fund, and SALD.

Followed by:

A Concert at Eclectic, 10 pm, with:

Your hometown boys bring their “sonic magma” (Aural Wes) to start this night of musical mayhem. They are honored to be opening for these bands, they have a bunch of new songs, come out and show your love, dance, be transformed by the sound.

Big Tree
Absolutely stunning band from Brooklyn, NY, but they sound a lot like California. They played at Eclectic last year to much rejoicing, there will be more rejoicing, you will dance, laugh, and cry, seriously. I did. Listen to “move to the mountains”, “one hundred and four” or “captain ted” and then think about the fact that they’re even better live.

We cannot heap enough praise on this band. Once, they were in a band with Bon Iver, and guess what, they’re way better. They move mountains with their beards, banjos, and electronic wizardry. Bring the whole family, bring a date, bring yourself, just come. This is an opportunity to hear some intimate and powerful music.

10 Pm, Friday, Eclectic.

When: Nov. 6-Nov. 7
Time: 4:15-12:00
Place: starts at the CFA Cinema followed by a concert at Eclectic

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