Iron Chef @ Usdan

Due to ongoing budget cuts on campus, a few reality-TV-inspired activities such as Wesleyan Gladiators, The WesApprentice, and Survivor: The Tunnels have been cut from the program this year.* But everyone knows that the kitchen is where the drama’s at anyway, so lucky us- IRON CHEF IS BACK!! 091108_snails1

I’m going for the action: namecalling, overcooking, backstabbing, and suspense! You might also be interested in this basically being like Smell-O-Vision minus the TV part. Not to mention yummy Latin American cuisine as the theme of this competition. Mmmm delicioso!

From Stephanie Gomory ’10:

Come celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month and Homecoming Weekend with our Hispanic Style Iron Chef Competition — co-sponsored by UCAB and La Casa.

3 teams will be competing — and it’s your job to cheer them on!
Come enjoy awesome chef skills, lots of free food, and a top-rate performance… all at Usdan!
Bring your friends and family.

Date: SUNDAY, November 8th

Time: 3pm

Place: Usdan Cafe

PS- Whoever guesses the secret ingredient correctly gets to go on a date with the host!**

*I made this up.

** This too.

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