Roth on HuffPost: “Remember the Maine Elections”

Spoiler alert: Michael Roth doesn’t like systemized discrimination any more than you do. And he’s not afraid to say it.

In a powerful new piece on the Huffington Post, President Roth responds to Maine voters’ repeal of gay marriage this week:

When two people in love decide to tie the knot, the community around them is filled with joy and support, right? But then on Election Day the voters of Maine decreed that Joan and Mary shouldn’t be able to save the date, plan the meals, send the invitations, hire the band, and join with family and friends in affirming their commitment to one another. On Election Day, under the paranoid banner of defending marriage, the voters of Maine decided that Joan and Mary were not welcome to come with family and friends to the beautiful coastline. Maine voters would protect marriages between men and women in their state by excluding my friends who thought to bless their own union on Maine soil.

Say what you will about HuffPost, but I’m giving kudos to Roth for putting a personal face on the people who are, y’know, actually affected by gay marriage. When a state as historically progressive as Maine still can’t embrace equality, then these stories clearly aren’t being broadcast enough.

Read the whole thing here.

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