Hermes interest meeting

hermesThe Hermes, once Wesleyan’s great radical alternative to the Argus, came out with its first issue of the year last week. It’s also now online at

Meeting Tuesday if you’re interested in the radical activity of joining Hermes:

Unhappy with the state of progressive communication on this campus? Is there an issue you’ve been burning to write about? Want to get involved with the Hermes, Wesleyan’s magazine of political, critical and creative thought?

Come to the HERMES MEETING: 5:30 PM, Tuesday Nov 10th, in the Hermes office, 2nd floor of the UOC (190 High St, between Beta and Eclectic).

Submissions welcome! News, opinion, art, poems, photos, rants, your deepest secrets and desires: send them to wesleyanhermes@gmail by Nov. 24th for the winter issue.

Date: Tuesday, Nov. 10
Time: 5:30 PM – 6:30 PM
Place: Hermes Office, 2nd Floor of 190 High St. (b/t Beta and Eclectic)

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