Community Research Seminar Info Session

From Lexi Sturdy ’10:

Juniors and seniors,

The Community Research Seminar, taught by Prof. Rob Rosenthal, is being offered again this spring. In this class, small teams of students work with local community agencies to design and carry out social research projects. Applications for this class can be picked up from the Sociology office, the Center for Community Partnerships (167 High Street) or downloaded from There are no prerequisites and students from all majors and backgrounds are encouraged to apply.

For further information, please attend one of the information sessions on Wednesday, November 11th at 4:30 and 9PM in PAC002 or contact Professor Rob Rosenthal (rrosenthal@wes) or the TA, Lexi Sturdy (asturdy@wes). Applications are due next Monday.

Date: Wednesday, Nov. 11
Time: 9 PM
Place: pac002

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