Crafts for Queers/Queercappella

50 Gay CatSome new ideas from Elissa Martel ’10:

I’m starting up two fabulous queer projects, and I’m looking for interested parties. One is Crafts for Queers, a once-a-week (weekday evening) gathering of folks who wanna eat snacks and make crafts. This is totally open to interpretation: group or individual projects, knitting, coloring, homework, valentines, etc.

The second is Queercappella, which would consist of some queers singin’ some a cappella. This doesn’t have to be the official name, but I think I think it has a nice ring to it. I’m imagining there will be regular rehearsals (probably once a week), so think about your ability to commit before you respond. Once I gauge the level of interest, there will probably be some kind of audition process.

Wanna get involved? Questions? Comments? Email me at emartel(at)wes. Hope to hear from you soon!

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