Ye Olde Actually Sorta Relevant Argus Article


The Argus has been focusing quite a bit lately on the how the class of ’09 is faring—who’s got jobs, who’s unemployed, who’s looking for work abroad. It makes sense, for sure, when you consider that these kids had to graduate into the HOLY-SHIT-WORST-FINANCIAL-MELTDOWN-SINCE-THE-GREAT-DEPRESSION-OMG.

But still, it might be helpful, or comforting, or whatever, to remember that there is a more recent historical precedent (on a smaller scale, admittedly) in the early ’90s recession. This Argus article, from November 1992, seems eerily similar to some current ones:

“If there was a general trend last year, it was that people were scared to death—the media harped on the downturn of the economy, and most of the prominent employers cut back on hiring,” said Director of Career Services Rick McLellan.

Given the positive reaction to last week’s Ye Old Unintentionally Hilarious Argus Article—and in the spirit of the Argus’s historical issue—this will be a continuing feature on Wesleying, in which we present blurry photographs of relevant, bizarre, or simply hilarious Argus articles from the past. Because, you know—the past is weird. And interesting.

Read the whole article here: Class of ’92 Still Searching for Jobs

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