Photographer Seeks Models for Bold Project

An anonymExample. ous junior writes:


I need models who are willing to be photographed while masturbating. These will not, in any way, be pornographic or fetish-like photographs–They are photographs for a Photo I course. There is no preference in gender, size, or anything else; in fact, a diverse selection of bodies would be preferred. Photographs will be taken in the comfort of your own living space; or wherever you do the deed. The images will focus on, but not be limited to, the facial expressions one makes while masturbating. No images will be shown without the approval of the model. If interested, please email a.s.a.p. with your name and phone number, and anything else you feel would be relevant information. I will call and go over details specifically.

If you are interested but worried about confidentiality, please contact me anyway and we can talk more.

thank you,

[Anonymous (not Lloyd) ’11]

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9 thoughts on “Photographer Seeks Models for Bold Project

  1. Braille

    Ok, I am going to put out there that the anonymity is kind of creepy in this context. The identity of the photographer (and particularly the amount of trust vested in them by the subject) is really important to the willingness of people to participate in this kind of work, not to mention the actual possibility of being able to physiologically participate.

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