Women’s Health & Mother Earth @ Farm House

Submitted by Kara Ingraham ’11:

Do you feel a little guilty every time you get that burger & fries from Usdan?
Do you wish you could eat and live a little healthier?
Do you hope for a day when “healthy” food actually LOOKS delicious?

Well here’s the chance…

Well-Being House, Farm House & Women of Color House are joining together to present:

*Women’s Nutritional Health & Mother Earth*

This hands-on dinner/discussion will feature Wesleyan’s own Nutritionist and the Director of Health Services Joyce Walters talking to us about women’s health, nutrition and how to genuinely take care of the only body we have.

But it gets better… Everyone will then have a chance to prepare & eat their own healthy AND delicious dishes right after the discussion, armed with the new knowledge of healthy choices & cooking.

This event is open to any and everyone!

**Please RSVP to kingraham@wesleyan.edu OR send Kara Ingraham a fb message if you

and friends would like to attend**

Check out the facebook event here.

Date: Saturday, Nov. 21
Time: 5:00 PM – 7:00 PM
Place: Farm House (344 Wash)


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