26-Year-Old To See Every Asshole He Ever Went To High School With On Night Before Thanksgiving

thanksgiving_article_large.article_largeThis Onion piece is from 2008. But it’s way too relevant not to share:

For the fifth straight year, Jordan McCabe will return home for the holidays and spend the night before Thanksgiving running into every smug and unlikable asshole he ever went to high school with, the 26-year-old reported Monday.

The trip back home, scheduled for later this week, will reportedly bring McCabe face-to-face with an endless string of pricks from his past, each of whom he will have to engage in awkward conversation, and generally pretend to be happy about seeing again.

“They’re all going to be there,” said McCabe, purchasing an Amtrak train ticket for Rochester, NY. “Every last one of them, just as shitty and conceited and phony as ever.”

“I can’t believe I’m going to see all those assholes again,” McCabe continued.

Read the whole thing.

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