Brandon Patton ’95: solo album “Underhill Downs”

UDowns_cdCOVERPANEL_320Moar musical Wes Alums, plz!

Brandon Patton ’95 released his third solo album over this past summer. Clearly thankful for Wesleyan, he has this to say:

“My first recording project was done on Fountain Ave. summer after my junior year. Wesleyan was an amazing place for creative incubation. I’ve been touring the country with MC Frontalot (Damian Hess ’96) for the last four years, and now I’ve put out a solo album (my third.)”


Staten Island, N.Y. – [July 30, 2009] – New York City songwriter Brandon Patton, the bass player for MC Frontalot whose last solo album was nominated for “Album of the Year” by the Independent Music Awards, has released ‘Underhill Downs,’ a project four years in the making.

Featuring 21 guest musicians, the album traces the emotional arc of a rebound, with moods that swing from melancholy intro-spection to devil-may-care seduction. The music is layered, symphonic indie pop/mellowcore, reminiscent of John Vanderslice and Elliott Smith, with a trip hop influence on some tracks evocative of Massive Attack, and an occasional spaz out to keep things interesting.

“Overabundantly gifted with pop songcrafting gifts..a young Todd Rundgren, Badfinger, John Vanderslice, Elliott Smith and Sage Francis all come to mind, though Patton actually sounds quite original and fresh.” – Dream Magazine

So if you so wish, check him out here.

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