Bear Hands, Bottle Up and Go, Apache Kid @ Eclectic

A show tomorrow night at Eclectic features two wes alumni bands and one soon to be (if you know what I mean!). Check it out! (Cross-posted from AuralWes)

Kicking things off are hype-machine-beneficiaries-to-be Apache Kid will be showering the Eclectic house in their Animal Collectivist psychedelectric pop.

Next up, tortured blues rock for those who prefer the mind-altering effects of Old Crow to designer hallucinogens: Bottle Up and Go. The band that made themselves synonymous with booze-soaked mayhem and distortion-injected, punked out blues riffs comes roaring back to debauch and humiliate.

And finally, the groove-laden indie pop of Bear Hands will round out the night with sawngs that seem quite at ease rocking ye olde Williamsburghtowne as hard as they rocked Middletown.

Where: Eclectic

When: Tomorrow (12.3.09) at 9 PM

Price: Free o’clock

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