Mysterious and Bizarre New Webcomic

page_1Straight from the mouth of an anonymous tipster:

We all love Brian Papish ’10. From playing in numerous musical acts to kickin’ around an intramural soccer ball to attending classes it seems he’s everywhere! But, unfortunately, not all of us can be there all of the time and often find ourselves wishing we could just have more Brian in our lives. Good news everyone! Everybody’s favorite Psi-U brother is starting his very own blog so we can catch up on all of the Papish we miss in our busy everyday lives. Check it out: The Wacky Adventures of Brian Papish!

Wacky indeed. Well, if you’ve ever wished that Buru Style’s tromboner had a stronger web presence, this is your lucky day. Brian denies that he’s the true author, but can we really trust those eyebrows?

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