Volunteer abroad in Palestine and Nepal

This afternoon will be a presentation by the organization HOPE, sponsored by ADAPT. From their website:

“Project Hope is a non-profit volunteer organization whose goal is to provide a participatory, educational space for Palestinian youth and children. Committed to the principles of international humanitarian law and the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, our aim is support children denied access to basic services by providing educational and recreational activities, medical and humanitarian relief and practical training that can empower them with hope and skills for the future.”

A presentation will be made by Jeremy Wilderman, who founded HOPE in 2003.

Also present will be Beau Miller, a representative of Village Environment Community Gangkharka (VEC). VEC is is a grassroots Nepali NGO working to empower Himalayan communities by helping to create education, healthcare, and economic opportunities in Helambu, Nepal. VEC recently constructed and is currently running a boarding school for 108 Nepali children in the village of Gangkharka, and is currently working on a project to install a micro-hydroelectricity system that will provide eco-friendly energy to the school and two nearby villages.


Where: PAC 001

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