Speak Your Piece: A call to all writers and story tellers

Have a story you want to share? Sam Bernhardt ’10, Emma Drew ’10, Erica Rome ’10, and Allison Quantz ’10 are producing a radio show for the next WESU season in which wes students share stories. Sort of like This American Life. Only like This Wesleyan Life. Only the show will really be called Slices of Life Speak Your Piece. Submissions could really be any number of things. You could submit a narrative piece you’ve written for a Wes writing class. Or just something you wrote for yourself. Or you could interview someone who you think has an interesting story to tell (either a wes student or someone from Middletown). Or maybe read a story that’s not yours (say, something published in the New Yorker or something published on the ACB). It could really be anything. The only constraint is we’d like to keep segments no longer than 10 minutes.

Radio is a great medium to express yourself, because it’s both accessible and intimate- you’re talking to an audience, but generally the listener does not perceive themselves as part of an audience. In this way, radio is more like having multiple (albeit one-way) conversations at once. At the same time, you are physically talking to no one-  there’s generally no stage fright.

The deadline for submissions will be January 3rd– just in case you want to submit something, but don’t have the time to write it right now due to finals and such. The email for submissions is wesustories@gmail.com. However, if you plan on submitting something, please email us just to let us know you’re interested- we’ll need a good deal of submissions to get the project rolling for an entire season. If you would like to contribute, but will be unavailable at the start of next semester to record a segment, we can arrange to record before this semester ends.

Also, we think it’d be really awesome to have student-produced music for the show intro and conclusion and fillers. Please contact me if you’re interested.

Also also, stories on mocon encouraged.

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