Film Series: THIRST


THIRST (Bakjwi) is playing tonight in the Film Series.

I personally recommend this as a date movie. C’mon, it’s a winter wonderland outside, you’re both so stressed… Why not just give yourself a few hours this evening to see this amazing movie.

It’s like Twilight for people with intact cerebral cortexes! Like Let The Right One In for people who are tired of puppy love and want to really let the crimson juices of love flow! How many vampire films can you think of wherein the bloodthirsty yearners-for-daylight recreate a  simulacrum of the waking world with flatscreen televisions?

I believe it costs money, but are you really going to put a price on romance? For those of you unfamiliar with the film, it’s OLDBOY director Chan-wook Park’s film about vampires, sin, redemption, and fucked up family dynamics (pictured). I promise you, it’s more amazing than the amount of Korean barbecue you’d get for the same amount of money.

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