We Live In the Future


Ostranenie Magazine’s Arts Showcase this Saturday is going to be really, really fun.
Tickets go on sale tomorrow, during noon feeding, at Usdan. They three or more dollars.
We’re told you should “LOOK FOR THE CUTIES W. CUTE BOOTIES” to aid in your escape from the rotting, stagnant hypersolid corpse of the present into the luminous probabalistic.
Apparently this showcase is the place to “Get Hip To New Talent” or something… Bring your game face.

Some Involved Artists:

Sweaty Boys, Apache Kid, Bananahead, Metacomet, Cocoon, Rod O’Connor, Khalif Diouf, Harrison Schaaf, Dana Matthiessen (YAY!), Alex Chaves, Rosa McEleheny and Alyssa Hutton, Sonia Davis, Elizabeth Sonenberg, Sam Silver, Cous Cous and many many more!

Yeah, I think the evening is probably going to be pretty AOFuckingK!

>>facebook event page

(Yes, I know this is formatted poorly. I’m only doing it to balance out the intense, well nigh sublime aesthetic pleasure you’ll likely receive if you go to this event. It’s so good that the post HAS to be ugly. I even tried to use a blink tag! Also, google indexed this in 45 seconds flat! Also, It’s Snowing Again!)

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  1. Braille Post author

    it’s spacetime as a block. more specifically spacetime as a block in which quantum blah blah is up and classical blah blah is down. so it really just needs that one axis labelled more. other axes are just … you know, 3d space represented in 2d space…

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