Toussaint and Buru at Fishbone

Toussaint&Buru_poster_blackToussaint and Buru Style, everyone’s favorite ABBA cover band reggae-funk-soul-awesome band, will return to the Fishbone cafe this Friday. This band is the hottest thing to come out of Wesleyan since sliced pie. Spanning multiple generations of wes students and grad students, the group includes Jake Gold ’09, Andrew Fogliano ’09, Brian Papish ’10, Eric Sherman ’10, Ian Coss ’11, Jake Schofield ’12, Dr. Bill Carbone ’10 and Toussaint Liberator. A recent write-up in the Hartford Advocate here, predicted that

“in the wake of their show at the Main Pub this past Friday, people were showing up to work drunk, high, and smelling like sex (aka Eric Sherman).”

Disclaimer: The dosage of two sets of Toussaint and Buru has been scientifically proven to cause excessive feelings of jubilation. This time around, the band will be playing three sets, with DJ Lord Lewis in between. This dosage has never been tested on humans. If booty-shaking activities last longer than three hours after the last beat, please consult your doctor.

Date: Friday, Dec. 11th
Time: 9:00 PM
Place: Fishbone Cafe (126 Court)
Price: $5

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