Wes ED Decisions Tomorrow

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ZOMG! Future members (and rejects hopefuls) of the Class of 2014 get their admissions decisions tomorrow (Friday, that is), according to an email sent to all ED 1 applicants:

Early Decision Round One applicants to Wesleyan are invited to participate in our online notification. The online decision notification page will be available from 3:00 pm EST Friday, December 11 through 5:00 pm EST Friday, December 18. During that period applicants will be able to log on to the link below to access their admission decision letter.

Totally makes me nostalgic for college admissions (not). Wes applications somehow magically grew 10% this year, which is even more absurd given last year’s highly publicized 20% jump. From Roth’s blog last week:

Last year our applicant pool was as strong as ever, and it was more than 20% larger. Most university observers expected us to have some decline in apps this year, which is the normal rhythm at schools like ours. But the latest figures show that we have continued to grow—this year by more than 10% over last. The geographical and cultural diversity of the pool continues to improve, and the academic credentials of our applicants are truly impressive. I’m glad I don’t have to read the files!

If you know any ED applicants, be sure to wish them luck and give that whole “everything will work out in the end and you’ll be happy no matter what” speech. That one never gets old.*

College_App_cartoon*Actually, yes it does.

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